Another Upcoming Equigetics™ Demonstration

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Many of you reading this know I was selected to present Equigetics™ at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo last week.  After a couple hiccups, a horse was finally provided, and for the most part, the demonstration went well.  I showed a few little “tricks” to help in isolating and identifying problem areas on the horse’s legs and back, and gave a couple possible solutions to the problem.

After the presentation, I had a couple wonderful conversations with people who watched my demonstration.  That was very gratifying, especially after such a rough start to my session.

First, I was never officially contacted by anyone at the Expo to let me know my abstract had been accepted.  Instead, I found out about my being scheduled by someone unconnected to the Expo who had printed a copy of the schedule.  Then, second, the day of my presentation, there was no one from the Expo to be found, nor was there any horse ready for me to demonstrate on.

Fortunately for me, a friend asked a passerby leading a young mare if I might be able to use her for the demo.  Moses Woodson to the rescue, and Sienna was volunteered to help me out.  Just before entering the pen, though, Mr. Woodson said he’d only had her a couple months, and she was un-started.  Well, needless to say, I figured instead of a presentation on Equigetics™, this would either be a dancing lesson, or a grand demonstration of an equine bodyworker being flung around by a much stronger mammal.

Thankfully, Sienna settled down quickly, and became a very good example of what I do.  Several people told me the most telling part of the demonstration was how long before the demonstration was over, Sienna had really gotten into the bodywork aspect of my presentation.  Thank goodness!  Potential crisis averted!

So, all went well after all, and as is my philosophy, all things work out the way they should.

Now, my next demonstration will be for the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative on April 17th, 2011 at Mustang Hollow.  Here’s a link to the announcement:

Equigetics™ Demonstration at Mustang Hollow

I’ll be talking about the combination of bodywork and energy healing techniques I use in my practice, and will also demonstrate some techniques on at least one horse.  I’m hopeful to get the attendees involved and show them some little tricks to know without a doubt that healing energy is flowing through their bodies.

I hope if you didn’t make the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, you’ll be able to make this one.