What would Tom do?

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I count my lucky stars to have studied with many fine horsemen and women, some well-known, and some not so.  I’ve also studied the written and digital works of many more, living and long-ago passed. When potential clients ask me what “style” I train in, that’s a bit of a difficult question to answer for me since I’ve very often been labeled “eclectic.”  You see, even though my foundation is in what is known as the Spanish California/Nevada Tradition of horsemanship, I have adopted many things taught...

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Primus Inter Pares

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“Primus inter pares” means, “first among equals,” or “first among peers.”  I’ve given a great deal of thought to this concept in my training practice over the past year, and have used the concept as a manager in many of my supervisory jobs in the past. As a boss, I’ve always found things ran the smoothest when I trusted my “subordinates” to do their job correctly.  Given clear direction and trust, I’ve been fortunate to have folks work with me who just plain got things done....

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Another Upcoming Equigetics™ Demonstration

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Many of you reading this know I was selected to present Equigetics™ at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo last week.  After a couple hiccups, a horse was finally provided, and for the most part, the demonstration went well.  I showed a few little “tricks” to help in isolating and identifying problem areas on the horse’s legs and back, and gave a couple possible solutions to the problem. After the presentation, I had a couple wonderful conversations with people who watched my demonstration.  That was very gratifying, especially...

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Is it conformation, or is it posture?

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Okay, you’re working your horse in the round pen.  You know, a little exercise for you and him.  Maybe he’s on a line, maybe not.  You give him the command to trot and dutifully (don’t forget to say “GOOD BOY” or “GOOD GIRL”) goes into that great trot you’re so fond of.  A couple steps into it, a little stumble, recovery, but now you see a bit of lameness in one shoulder, so you call off the rest of your work. As you put your horse away, you wonder how many days it’ll be this time.  After...

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Welcome to the Equigetics Blog!

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Thanks for spending some time reading my blog.  I plan on posting items of interest in the areas of horse training and equine bodywork.  Some of the articles will be review, some new, and of course, this wouldn’t be an interesting blog if there wasn’t a “fringe” posting every once in a while.  So, welcome, check back every once in a while, and hopefully we’ll both learn something new and useful!

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