Equigetics™ is an integration of numerous bodywork and energy healing methods designed to bring out the best in your equine partner.  I apply traditional therapeutic and sports massage, acupressure, Reiki, and other modalities to bring the VERY BEST out of your horse.

Is your partner a high performance equine? Like a finely-tuned athlete, nutrition, balance, and relaxation are key in your horse performing to their capacity.

Likewise, your equine pleasure or companion horse needs balance and relaxation as well. Treating the whole horse, from their musculature through the digestive system, all the way down to the foundation of their feet is one of the very best ways to be able to enjoy the time you spend with your partner.

Please refer to SERVICES for a complete listing of what I can offer you and your partner.

Equigetics™ is the integration of many different wellness practices to improve the performance and quality of life of your equine partner. Using a combination of therapeutic and sports performance massage, acupressure, and Reiki, as well as other modalities, I hope to help you bring your horse to an optimal level of performance. A happy and relaxed horse partner will give you their best, and enjoy a quality of life we humans often take for granted.

Barrel racers, endurance horses, dressage and eventers can all benefit from Equigetics™. But, even your pleasure or trail horse partner will experience improved performance and quality of life.

I not only attend to your horse’s needs, but also offer you, the human partner, ways you can maintain your horse between visits. The three of us become partners in your horse’s wellness.