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All About Animal Massage

You have come to the place to learn about animal massage and bodywork. We are a community of professionals working to promote the benefits of massage and bodywork for animals (see list of some benefits below). Your pet may be helped by the same therapies that help people, including massage, acupressure, shiatsu, lymphatic facilitation, and much more. Find descriptions of these and many more terms in our Glossary. Find animal care professionals near you on the Animal Wellness Network. Massage and bodywork can contribute significantly to your animal’s ease of movement, health, and quality of life. In addition to reducing muscle soreness, deepening your relationship, and providing well-deserved pampering, massage can also:

• Boost the immune system
• Improve the quality and symmetry of movement
• Support better joint health and function
• Promote earlier detection of stresses and strains
• Stimulate circulation for greater health of all tissues
• Help reduce risk, severity, and frequency of injuries
• Improve athletic agility and coordination
• Reduce the effects of stress
• Minimize restrictions caused by old scar tissue
• Reduce or eliminate adhesions, knots, and other restrictions
• Improve skeletal alignment for more efficient movement
• Release endorphins (natural pain killers)
• Lower blood pressure
• Improve digestion

Equine Touch by Elizabeth Sharp

Certified Equine Touch Practitioner; Human Hands Helping Horses

Fifth Element Ranch

Everything we work on, with the help of the horses, is based on connection with our authentic self. With the horse, we don’t have to work on details that the mind continuously presents. Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning works at the big-picture level, and causes simultaneous leaps of growth at many levels of our being. The moments of presence that we experience, restore and expand recognition of the sense of self, without gimmicks or years of on-going processing. Most clients sense a feeling of opening after contact with the field of resonance that the horses provide. The invitation is to open; to fully feel the nuances of the enormous creative power of who we truly are. The sanctuary of horse-time is a profound experience and not an ordinary concept that the mind can understand.

Horse Hungry

Horse Hungry is an organization connecting women to horses, to their own spirituality, and to other horse-crazy women. You know you are Horse Hungry when you long for the smell, touch, power and gentleness of horses but you lack access to them. Riding is not for you right now; you want to be around horses and to share that experience with other women. Horse Hungry is an interactive online experience at www.horsehungry.com, with classes, field trips and events coming soon to the Denver area.


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